[label:cms_e]The simple button set by the authoring tool does not have a frame.

Depending on the display settings of the PC that is used for the authoring tool, the simple button will have a border.
After changing the settings below, add the simple button again.
By doing so, the border will be displayed when displayed in the viewer app.
* If you are using a Mac, a border will be displayed on the simple button with normal operation.

■Windows PC
1. Open "Start Menu"
2. Click the "Settings Icon"
3. Click the "System" then "Display"
4. Please set "100%" for "Change the size of text,apps,and other items"

■ Cause
Since the display resolution of recent PCs has been increased, in the case of Windows, the OS automatically adjusts the display magnification according to the display size. Since the authoring tool of the smart catalog edits based on the drawing state on the screen, if a value other than the original display magnification of "100%" is set, details such as the button border will be appear differently between on the authoring screen and the viewer screen.