[label:app_e]After initializing the iPad, I could no longer login to SMART CATALOG again.

SMART CATALOG generates the "Device ID" to identify the device which is used for a SMART CATALOG user ID, and stores it in the "iOS Key Chain" of the device.
The Device ID will be kept in the Key Chain even after SMART CATALOG application is deleted and re-installed on the device.
However, if SMART CATALOG application is initialized,then the Device ID is also deleted from the Key Chain, but CMS still keeps the Device ID, and the Device ID mismatch occurs between SMART CATALOG application and the CMS, then it causes the fail to login. In order to refrain from the mismatching, please delete the previous Device ID from the CMS when you initialize SMART CATALOG application.

Please refer to the following manual to deactivate SMART CATALOG application.
【Web】3.7.3 Deactivating