[label:cms_e]How to update the "Associated group(s) of publish to" in bulk? 

Following are the procedures to update the "Associated group(s) of publish to" in bulk by renaming existing genre.
1.Please download the .csv file  at CMS>Genre>Genre List .
2.   Open the .csv file, and delete everything other than the genre which "Associated group(s) of publish to" is to be changed.
3. Delete the data in the column "A", and enter "r" (means rename) for each.

4.Add one column next to the column "B", and make it as the column "C",  copy the data of the column "B" to the column "C".  You are going to rename the existing genre name which is shown in the column "B" by the genre names that are designated at the column "C".※The rename proceeds from the top to the bottom. If you are going to create genres in a tree structure,  rename the most upper level of genre name first, and then designate the path for the child genres by the renamed genre name.
5.The "Associated group(s) of publish to" can be designated in the column "D". If you publish a content with the genre, the content will be published to the users in the group which has been designated in the column "D" automatically. ※You can find the full-path for a group on the .csv file which can be downloaded at Group List.

6.Recover the changed genre name in procedure No.4 to be the origin genre name. Use the lower row than the rows used for the procedure No.4, and in reverse order, recover the changed genre name to be the origin name. Use "r" command in the column "A". ※Please designate the "Associated group(s) of publish to" in the column "D"  as the same as which has set in the previous procedure.

7.Delete the index row and save the file.

8.Return to the "Genre List", and click "Batch Registration" button, and upload the .csv file.

The bulk updating of the "Associated group(s) of publish to" is not available for the content which is under "Registered" or "Open" status. So please reconfigure the genre or modify "Associated group(s) of publish to" manually.