[label:cms_e]Resource registration for some files cannot be achieved in SFTP file import.

Check for the following possible causes.

■Problem with character codes An unrecognizable character code may prevent a file from being imported. The use of a Mac, which uses a different file system, may cause a problem with unrecognizable character codes.

A file name containing a Japanese character must be encoded in “UTF-8.” The file name must be changed to a name that consists only of alphanumeric characters, or the WinSCP settings for the encoding need to be changed.

Perform the following operation.
1. Select “Environment” on the menu that is displayed in the left part of the screen that appears at the start of WinSCP.
2. Set “Encode file name by “UTF-8”” of “Server Environment” to “ON.”

The system is intended to operate on a Windows PC and under Internet Explorer. When a Mac is used, Japanese text is not supported due to its use of a different file system.

■The access destination folder does not exist. The relevant group folder does not exist. Open the relevant group on the Group List screen of the CMS and then register the group folder.