[label:cms_e]How can settings for the SFTP tool and access to the server be made?

The following procedure uses WinSCP.
Perform the following operation.

1. Set the file protocol to “SFTP.”
2. As the host name, enter the primary or secondary host name provided in the account notification message.
3. As the port number, enter the port number corresponding to the entered host name.
4. As the user name, enter the “SFTP access information login ID” stated in the account notification message.
5. Specify a secret key file.
Secret keys are contained in “Contract Information,” which appears when the mouse pointer is positioned to the “System” icon on the header menu of the CMS.
Download the “PuTTY secret key” from among the SFTP keys displayed at the bottom, to the local PC.
6. Click the “Login” button to establish the connection.

Performing drag-and-drop and saving of the relevant resource immediately under the relevant group folder to the IN folder will cause the registration to be performed automatically.

For details, refer to “4.3 Registering a large number of resources at once” in the User manual for content management.