[label:cms_e]How can a new PDF file be added to registered content through the Authoring screen?

The Authoring screen does not have an edit function for either increasing and decreasing the number of pages of a registered PDF file or registered Office data.
When you need to change the number of pages, edit the relevant file by using a graphic tool, a PDF editing tool, Office, or some other tool on the PC, and then upload the file again.

The existing file is overwritten when the edited file is uploaded.
Perform the following operation.

1. Click the “Update Content” button or the content name corresponding to the relevant content on the Contents List screen.
2. Click the “Changed” button of the PDF (Office) Modification item and then select the relevant file on the local PC.
3. When you need to save the authored data, check Secure Authored Data (by default, this item is checked).
4. Click the “Confirm” button.

The PDF (document) data that have been edited can thus be overwritten.
Data display locations that have been displaced due to authoring which has increased the page count can be adjusted by using the “Batch Move” function provided on the Authoring screen.
For details, refer to the User manual for content management.