[label:msg_e]Data contains not registered group.

The following are possible causes.

・The group to which the user will belong may not yet exist at user registration.
Check whether the group has been registered.

・The parent group to which the group will belong may not yet exist in the group registration.
Check whether the parent group has been registered.

The group to which a group or a user will belong must be designated by specifying its full path.
Example: /All/Sales Department/Tokyo Head Office/Tokyo Head Office First Specify the full path by entering the layer names in order from the upper layers to lower layers with the layer names separated with a slash “/.”
The relevant user will belong to the group that is specified at the end.

・Group names may contain characters which is not complied with the character code "UTF-8".

・If you edit .csv files with Excel, please refer to the following article as well.

FAQ「What should I keep in mind when opening a .csv file in Excel?