[label:cms_e]Unable to establish connection with the server by SFTP.

Check for the following possible causes.

1. The authentication key has not been appropriately registered.
It is necessary to retrieve the authentication key from “Contract Information” on the “System” menu of the CMS and to specify it for the SFTP tool.

2. The ID, the password, or the port is incorrect.
Refer to the SFTP access information stated in the account notification mail and make access by using the information.

3. A restriction has been imposed on IP addresses.
Access from an unspecified IP address is not permitted. Check whether the access has been made through an appropriate network. In some cases, you need to apply for changing the restriction target IP address.

4. A firewall of your network has imposed a restriction.
It is necessary to change settings for your in-house network to make permission for connection using port number 10022 or 10023 to our relevant server. In such a case, contact your network administrator.

5. A security restriction has been imposed by the computer.
Security software used on your computer may need settings for permission for the relevant communication.