[label:cms_e]What should I keep in mind when opening a .csv file in Excel?

If you open a .csv file by single or double clicking, Excel will open and Excel recognizes strings on it as numbers. So if there is a string on the file that contains "0" at the beginning, it shows without "0".
In that case, please use "Import external data" function of Excel, then "0" at the beginning of a string can be displayed.
When you copy & paste something, please note that the data may contain blank at the beginning or the bottom.

When an error occurs for a line that seems to not contain any data, the line may contain some commas to separate data. In that case, please delete commas by using text editor.

【Import procedure for "Import external data" function on Excel】

1. Click "Text File" at "Import external data" group on "Data" tab.
2. Text File wizard -1/3
Select "Data separated for each field by delimiters such as commas and tabs" and click the "Next" button.3. Text File wizard -2/3
Select the check box for "Comma" from "Separator" and click the "Next" button.
4.Select "Character string" for each column from "Column data format". Click the "Finish" button.
5. Specify where to return the data and click the OK button.
6. "0" at the beginning of a string appears.